Plextor 708A help

i just brought the plextor 708a.

does anyone have detailed instructions of how to back up dvd’s?
links would also be appreciated to download the needed programs.

thanks for your help

DVD X copy works for me. Very simple to use. Its as easy as putting in the source DVD then, when its done copying to your HDD, you insert a blank DVD and presto

Too bad it isn’t free (assuming you didn’t just steal it)…

Have you considered looking at one of cdfreaks articles perhaps?


The ripping and “shrinking” tools in that link are freeware. I didn’t notice and freeware utility for burning the “extracted” dvd files to a DVD -+R/RW . Could you point out the free one.

I use the following tools myself:

-Rip with DVD Decrypter (free)
-Transcode and burn with CloneDVD (not free)