Plextor 708A Firmware upgrade question?

Upgraded to firmware 1.12 checked saw it was in regedit
(unless theres another place to see it)

Also I still see the 1.04 firmware there too, is it necessary to remove this old one from regedit or such?


You can see it in Nero CD-DVD Speed, Nero InfoTool…
Firmware is a hardware thing, not a software thing. So it’s not necessary to play in regedit after a F/W upgrade. :wink:

The Windows registry “remembers” every drive you use on your system. Updating firmware leads to the drive beings recognized as new hardware, so it would be logical to find references to the older firmware versions you used in there. There’s no [I]need[/I] to remove them.

As explained by [B]kg_evilboy[/B], most burning apps (as well as your PC’s boot screen and even Device Manager) will show you the current firmware version that’s installed for your drive.