Plextor 708A finished dvd skips



Having a problem with my plextor 708A everytime i make DVD it plays ok at first and as DVD goes on it starts skipping the further it goes worse it gets that you cannot watch anymore and some times it even drops out.:confused: :a


It would be helpful to tell us what programs you are using to back up your dvds. Saying it skips is not enough info. Please provide more information like what programs you are using to burn your dvds and what software are you using to compress.


it seems to skip using every program i have used. Nero InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 using Plextor Convert Xa Pinnacle program it might be the DVD that am i using.
not backing any DVD making new ones from VHS:bow: :sad:


Sounds like you’re having problems with the encoding part of your dvds. If you’re capturing and converting from vhs to dvd, it could be the programs you’re using causing the dvd to skip. I don’t think the Plextor 708A drive is the problem. Check this site for help:

They have guides and you may post problems that you’re having. It’s a great site for information. I do vhs to dvd conversion using the CANOPUS ADVC-100 DIGITAL CONVERTER. I use SCENALYZER software to capture to my PC then use TMPGE to convert to MPEG 2. Then I use TMPEG DVD AUTHOR, NERO to burn the dvd.

If I’m not mistaken there was a post somewhere that said having Pinnacle and Nero installed could have problems with the Plextor 708A drive. Sorry I can’t remember where that post was. Check out the dvdrhelp site.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Plex dont like RICOH 4x @8x, only good burns are from very hard to find taiyo yudens

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Same here with DVD-R’s… no probs with DVD+R"s


I forund this thread from google when searching “plextor DVD skips” when I was having exactly the same problem as perdul.

I solved it by using a different brand of media. When I brought the writer I got a big pack of 25 cheap dvd+r’s and because it was the first time I had used the drive I had no idea what the problem was caused by. I now have 23 coasters and 2 blank disks that are not worth writing on.
Since then I have used both Imation and Mitsubishi with no problem.


Same here. I bought HP DVD+R’s and I have been using them with no problem. DVD identifier reports that they are cmc mag-e01-000. I had many no name media and I chose to burn them 4X instead of 8X which went OK.