Plextor 708a dvd-r writing problem


I have been burning dvd-r for a while now but I have never been able to get a working disc with a movie longer than an hour. I’ve tried many different media and players for viewing. The players have no problem reading the first half of the movie, but then toward the end (say, the 3GB or so point) the screen becomes jerky and then freezes.

I’ve tried playing these discs on a Mintek 1710 player and a dell laptop dvd player with the behavior described above. However, the 708a can read the discs fine, so it can read what it wrote, at least.

Anyway, here’s the specs. Let me know if any other details are needed:

firmware 1.06
media: maxell mxl rg02 dvd-r 4x
windows 2000 service pack 4
pentium 4 2ghz

I see that the Nero version is a little old, but I can’t imagine that that would cause the behavior I’m seeing.

Thanks for any help.

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I highly recommend to upgrade to a newer version of Nero. Several early versions (6.0.0.x) had problems with the 708A.

Current version is

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You could also try some other media or recording at a lower speed. The problems you describe are quite common and are often the result of either low quality media or a too high recording speed (or a poor standalone player of course). Also do as ET suggested and upgrade your Nero version. You can also upgrade the firmware of your drive to 1.07 for better media compatibility. Please report back if this solves your problem or not.

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The version of Nero is the first release. Currently, as eltranquil has stated…Ahead is up to There have been many changes to Nero as the version number states. My 708a hated firmware 1.06 (slowed even my 8x burns down on DVD+R). Had to revert back to 1.04, and now that 1.07 is out…no problems at all. I suggest the firmware AND Nero update. I think you will notice a major difference. I burn Maxell 4x DVD-R as well…in Windows XP Professional and have NO problems with playing the disks on any machine


708a TLA 0001 firmware 1.07

I have made three changes following your suggestions (and one of my own) and I can report success so far.

Nero upgrade to
Firmware to 1.07.

Then, I bought a new dvd player. My mintek was a couple years old, and while it read factory made movies okay, perhaps it wasn’t up to the task of my written dvds. So, I bought a Sony stand-alone which plays both dvd+r/-r.

And it plays the newly written dvds. I’m not sure what fixed it, if it was one fix or all three.

Thanks for all of your help.

Glad to hear that you solved your problem!

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I have a Sony DVD player too, it plays DVDR(W) recordable media perfectly. Good to hear your problems are now over :slight_smile: