Plextor 708A DVD Issues



I have had my 708A for quite a while now and its worked great with the Fujitsu and now TDK 4x Media I have been using. As of late when I go to record a DVD it starts to record and the light on the burner blinks orange 4 times, blinks green once and then goes back to orange 4 more times and again to green once. The timer for the DVD just goes from the normal 15 mins higher and higher until I cancel it. The resulting DVD is a coaster. Even if i let it take a hour or more to burn the DVD the DVD is still no good. This doesnt happen EVERY time but has been happening more and more latley.

The first time it happened I upgraded the firmware which did fix it for a while but the issue came back and I have not been able to find a fix. I ran a lens cleaner though but it didnt fix anything. It burns CD’s fine and reads both DVD’s and CD’s fine as well. Any help is appriciated.


As explained in the FAQ the first thing you should try when your drive seems to have a hardware problem is to run the self-test. This test is run independently from your system and if it fails your drive is broken and you should contact Plextor to have it replaced (if it’s still under warranty). Here are some links to help you on your way:


Ok I ran the self test and it came out fine. What might be my next step?


4 blinks is a focus error. It seems to focus ok for reading, and the self test passed, which involves focusing for writing, so it could be media. You said it does not happen every time. I’d try a TY or Verbatim disc to see if it works on “recommended” media.

Plextor recommends against lens cleaning discs, says air flow should be enough to keep it clean. If you use an abrasive or contact cleaner, it can scratch the lens. If you use a disc with a brush it can knock the lens out of alignment.


I have to say this is the most trouble i have ever had with a drive before, I am using TDK DVD+R which I notice is on the recommended list for -R but not for +R, I had the idea of scrapping the 75 of these I have but I’ll grab some other media and see how it goes. Now that I think about it I had Fujifilm meda the first time around and had no issues with those. Hmm… let me swing down to best buy and get a small packk of something on thier list and i’ll let you know how it goes…


ok so a different media worked fine. Plextor is a bit too picky for me, and I swear I have used this media at least a dozen times with no problems but h well. I went to best buy and got a new 16x LG Lightsribe drive and am in love with it, and it works great with the stack of media I have, and it was cheaper to get a new drive then to replace my 100 stack of DVD’s. To ebay with my plextor! Maybe I can get $40 for it…