Plextor 708A compatibility with Taiyo Yuden 4x burnt at 8x?



Hi there.

Can any Plextor 708A owners please tell me how their drive performs with the TY 4x +R discs when they are burnt at 8x ? What’s the writing quality in this case ? (some quality diagrams would be good too) Do the disks play in standalone DVD Players, PS2 e.t.c ?

Cause from the couple reviews I’ve seen, the Plextor’s writing quality on the 4x +R TY media burnt at 8x is far from excellent…

Thanks in advance.


I can only comment about the 4x Plextor DVD+R media, manufactured by Taiyo Yuden. These work excellent at 8x in my PX-708A. In general Taiyo Yuden discs are of great quality and the Plextor (and most other drives) will work very well with them.


What firmware are you using if I may ask ? And do the disks work in PS2, XBOX and standalone players without problems ?

Thanks a lot.


I have tried all firmware versions and burned TY discs with every one of them. I’m now using the latest version, 1.06 and yes, the burned discs work fine in my standalone DVD players and in my Xbox.