Plextor 708A CD-R/RW Read Problem

I am unable to read blank CD-R’s and CD-RW’s in my Plextor 708A. I have tried using 3 different brands of media, and my drive still says there is no disc in the drive. I have tried using Nero 6.0 and Easy CD to burn, both indicate that there is no blank disc in the drive. I have been able to read, rip, and burn DVD’s without a problem. I have the latest firmware (1.03). Another note, the drive is also unable to read already burnt CD-R’s and CD-RW’s. What could be the problem?


Hi PlextorMan, welcome to the forum!

Have you installed any apps with a Hide CDR Media option like CloneCD and Alcohol have? Alcohol can be irritating because it hides your CDR media in the background without you knowing it. CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media option can be easily disable via the tray utility. Does this solve your problem?

Thanks for your tips. Great board! For software, I am using Nero, CloneDVD and DVD Copy. I think it was a hardware issue. Just something wrong with the CD-R writing/reading portion of the Plextor. I just got a replacement at Best Buy and the new drive is working just fine. Even though this is a great board, I hope I never have to use it again;) Thanks for all your help!


Originally posted by PlextorMan
Even though this is a great board, I hope I never have to use it again;)
LOL :bigsmile: Good luck with your new drive!

I have the same problem : since a few days, my plextor does no longer recognizes a blank dvd when using CloneDVD !! When burning starts I get the following message : PLEASE INSERT A WRITEABLE BLANK DVD. I managed to write about 10 dvd’s while using CloneDVD, but now for some reason, Plextor no longer sees the blank media DVD ??
When I use Nero, there seems to be no problem, but I like CloneDVD better, because it easier to re-author and shrink movies (nero only burns, no more)
Who can help me ??
Teejay :confused: :confused:

We need more information from you teejay3891,

For instance, what is your set-up? Have you tried writing different types of media (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW)? Are you sure the disc you inserted is empty and writeable (tried using the same discs with another application)? What does CDVDInfo report you?

:o Maybe I didn’t explained it correctly, the moment I enter a brand new blanc DVD-R (Princo or Sony) the Plextor doesn’t recognize this DVD : the light on the front of the writer stays Orange and doesn’t change to Green.
Last week there were no problems, it suddenly occured yesterday ??!!
The program I use to write the dvd’s is not important, because the writer doesn’t SEE the blanc DVD from the beginning !!

Hope this answers your question,



If the light stays orange regardless of the brand of media, the drive is not initializing and is probably faulty. If it stays orange only with certain discs, the discs are hard to read and probably bad media.

The software should not be a factor in how the drive mounts a disc.

Probably faulty dude.

I got mine RMA’d and I gotta get the couriers to send and deliver the new one to me.

My 708A stopped reading cd’s in December, so I Rma’d. Very good RMA service, got a brand new sent to me in replacement.
But as good as the service was tonight my new drive has developed the same problem. There are no probs with dvd’s, just does not detect any cd’s what so ever, blank, burned, or otherwise.
The light just flashes green 5 times, and stops 5 times, and stops, and according to this link:

,since I have checked plenty of disks, it basicly means my drive is screwed.
I am so afraid that this is some inherant problem with the drive, as I bought my original drive second hand so have no receipt, meaning I only get 1 years warranty from manufacture date, so if I get another and it screws up too… I mean I cant keep getting replacements

Could be something to do with the mobo I am using it with ? an MSI K7N2 Delta -ILSR, after the last one stopped working I tried it on one of my toher computers too and had the same prob, so I am thinking more in terms of the mobo killing it rather than just not working with it, as until the drive have stopped working I have had no probs.

One other thing which I am wondering about is last night I just installed Nero6, before then I was using nero5, and today it stops working …
Now I am not sure, but I think it may have been the day after I installed the Nero6 Demo that my drive stopped working last time.

Is this a common problem with this drive then ? Will I have a problem getting my drive replaced for a second time ? Will have to try ringing up tomorrow :frowning:

Any and all input is appreciated :slight_smile: