Plextor 708A Can't recogize the medias...please help!




MY PLextor 708A (8X DVD+R) burner… This guy is REALLY a paining the @#$%#… When The drive “feels good” it recogizes the blank TDK 4x media and other medias as well… but sometimes it doesn’t. The NUISANCE is not lie here and the most painful is that the drive CÁNT recognize the BLANK MEDIA capacity at all… I have to rely on NERO InfoTOOL each time to see my Blank DVD’s capacitỵ

do you guy have any idea?


Had similar problem with my 708A not reconizing blank CD-R media. Called tech support and they asked for the drive’s TLA number. As soon as I told them that it was 001, they said the drive needed to be RMA’d for a drive with newer hardware. I was told that they are currently sending out 204 and 206 TLA units.


i’m waiting mine from rma to see what it is. It was tla#002. It didn’t recogizing any cd media after some time. RMA it.