Plextor 708A Burning Problems

I have a problem with my computer recognizing the maximum burn speed capabilities of either the discs or the transfer rate of the computer… I’m not sure wich. This Plextor Drive is advertised at 8x DVD+R. I have Memorex blanks.
I am using DVD XCopy Platinum to try and backup my movies, but 5 seconds into the burn the buffer overruns and the write process fails.

  • Is DVD XCopy tring to burn too fast?
  • Is there any way to slow down what speed DVD XCopy tries to burn at?
  • Does the OS know how fast the burner is able to run?
  • Any ideas?

Check the properties of your controller in Dev Mgr. Should be set to UDMA. You may be getting burn-proof events (solid green LED), but shouldn’t be getting buffer underruns if the speed is too slow (unless the application is choking)

Please provide
Drive firmware version
ADIP and/or speed of Memorex media
PIO or DMA setting for controller