Plextor 708A Burner question

I recently bought a Plextor PX-708A. I bought it for a few reasons, to back up my hard drives, to make backups of my CD’s and DVD’s. I like to use my backups so if I break one I still have the original to make another backup. Anyway, I can not make copies of my programs or DVD’s because of the copyright protection. I was able to make copies with my older CDRW without a problem. I am using the latest version of Easy CD Creator that came with the burner and I also have tried to burn with Nero. Is there something that I need to do or a program that I need in order to make backups?

To back up DVDs you can try CloneDVD. Easy to use in one step. Run though AnyDVD first for ripping.


If you want to backup software/games to a DVD, there is a nice solution (at least, I think so).

First, make ISO images of your original discs. Burn these ISO images to a data DVD. If you want to use an image, simply mount it with some virtual drive program (Nero and Alchohol come with a virtual drive, or simply download the incredibly and free Daemon tools).

I did the same some time ago… works like a charm (and I always can carry my programs with my laptop, on a few DVD discs).