Plextor 708A burn speed with Encore DVD

I just got new Plextor 708A burner (Firmware 1.06). I was using the Sony 510A before and Encore 1.5 was not displaying DVD burning speed. Instead it was displaying the CD burning speed 4x -24x. When I placed the Plextor 708A the Encore 1.5 correctly displays the DVD burning speed 1x - 4x, however, I was not able to burn at 1x. The project is 4 Gig and it took 18 min to burn it, so I know it was burned at 4x. By the way the same project was burned at 2x using Sony drive. I tried to do the DVD copy using the Roxio Media Creator at 1x and it took little more than 1 hour to copy the DVD. I have read many posts that when creating master DVD it is better to burn at 1x. Is it Encore problem or burner problem?

What media were you using? You cannot burn 4x DVD+R media at 1x for instance. It’s hard to say what your problem is without more information from you. Also, I don’t agree with the statement that 1x burning is better than 4x or 8x burning. You should burn the discs at their certified speeds is my opinion. If you’re using 4x discs, burn them at 4x.

I think it is the recording software’s problem.I suggest you try to use NERO 6.

I use TDK 4x and Ritek G04 DVD-R media. The problem stance with Encore DVD. I have read many posts on the Adobe Encore DVD forum and people have all sorts of problems with the burning speed.