Plextor 708a Burn Gap

It seems no matter what media I use, i always get a small gap about ~10 minutes into a DVD movie. Will say successful burn, but when palying the movie back, i get chopy unreadable movie for about 3-5 minutes. I’ve just switched to tayor yuden which many people like, but when @ 4x ill get this gap 75% of the time. I switched hoping that i wouldn’t have to burn at 2x like i did for the memorex media.

Anyone have this problem?
(Latest firmware updates also)
(used nero / clonedvd)
(Tayo Yuden 4x dvd-r media)

You might be getting a buffer underrun, might not. I think Plextor is pretty good about reducing if not eliminating buffer underruns. Is this drive installed on an older pc? It may not have the resources available during the burn to finish succesfully all the time. If u are running spare programs, make sure to close or suspend them to decrease cpu usage. Then again I may not be experienced enough in the PX-706a and likely am talking out my A** lol Just for kicks, what Burning software are u runnin?