Plextor 708A -> Booktype

We’ve had several reports already that it works, but you have to use the latest firmware (1.08). You can then enable it in PlexTools and then use any burn software you want. Once you enable the bitsetting option in PlexTools it will be used for all DVD+R media you insert, regradless which software you use to burn the discs with.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply G@M3FR3@K.

Add mine. It works for me also (only with fw 1.08, of course).


Now they’re talking so, they was proved I was wrong, that’ will make lots of you guy happy camper, and thanks to G@M3FR3@K that made this forum happened, firmware 1.08, PlexTools version (2.17)! support bitsetting any one have tested please let us know and post resulted.


I tried it and it works :slight_smile: I used Nero to write a Memorex DVD+R. I had “Change Book Type for DVD+R” activated in Plextools 2.17.
I used DVDinfoPro to confirm that the booktype realy is DVD-ROM.

I wonder why Plextor did not mention this great feature in the release notes for the 1.08 firmware…


Well, probably because at the time firmware 1.08 was released there was NO software (including Plextools Pro, version 2.16) able to use that feature… :wink:



Using Plextools 2.17, the latest Nero and my 708A (fw 1.08) I am able to bitsett my dvd+r media.

When you enable the The “BookType for DVD+R” it will work with all software, not just with Nero. Plextools is telling the firmware in the 708A to make them DVD-Rom, it is not software driven

interesting to learn about bitsetting with the 708A. i’ll have to test it out now. i got the latest nero and plextools.

very intersting I just update firmware v1.08 tesed with TDK+ at 8x no problems and
GQ -R at 4x with nero all movies are very good, I try to test with bitsetting but I can’ t
get plextools 2.17 to work to set bitsetting, my pc only work up to version 2.08 plextools, I wonder why and need some help to make plextools v2.17 to work
any body have any ideas or recommendation.

Where can I get PlexTools ? My 708UF didn´t come with it ?

Plextools Professional Website

Welcome to the forum, Jcsaleme. :slight_smile:


I have a Plextor 708A DVD Burner. Where can I get a copy of Plextools? I could not find a version on the cd that came with my unit.

See above posts!

I sorry, I should have explained further. I have downloaded the update, but it will not install as I do not have a copy of the program on my computer. Where can I get a copy of the full program and just not the update? Thanks in advance.

They are he full program, even tho they say update, each version is a full install…

I always uninstall before I install the newier version(you dont have to, I just do it, I do it out of habit)

Hi gbubar,

in this case the situation is a bit more complicated… Formally, if you do not have the original Plextor installation CD you are not entitled to use PlexTools Professional.

However, what HAMP says is correct: the “updates” present on the website are actually full installers… the problem is that they will refuse to install if they don’t find an installed version.

But with a quick search on the forums you should be able to solve also this problem… :wink:


Thanks eltranquil, You just reminded me, I had to add a line to my registry before they started letting us American’s use Plextools…

@ gbubar

I will try and find the line required for you to install, I hope you know how to make a registry patch(it’s easy)

I ddi a search and tried the workaround, but I am not doing something right. How do I place the file into my register?

HAMP, How do you make a registry patch? I know how to get into my registry via “regedit”. But how do I do the patch?