Plextor 708A and nero 6003 burn speed

peeps, i got weird problem, so i hope someone can help me out.
I will try to keep things short and simple.

Im using nero 6003 to burn data with my plex 708A from harddisk to dvd ( mp3 / movies / zipfiles and so on). I also bought 2 types of dvd media because i wasnt sure wich to buy. ( platium 4 speed and philips 2.4 speed). So i started to make some backup’s from data on my harddisk (only used the platium dvd’s so far). Then I noticed after the 3rd or 4th dvd that my burner was writing very slow on 8 speed ( i know the media only support 4 speed! but i just selected 8 speed in nero). It took 1 hour 15 minutes to complete to burn session. So i thought this must be because of the media im using, so the next burn sessions i lowered the speed in Nero to 4 speed. Surprisingly it took now 41 minutes to complete the burn session. Then i started for the 3rd time a burn session (same amount of data btw for all 3 sessions)but this time on 2.4 speed in Nero. The dvd burn cycle was completed in 23 minutes. wtf!

How can this be ? the lower the speed set in nero the faster my burner write the data… very strange.

my system specs:
P4 2.4 Ghz,
1024 ram,
120 gigs hd.
plextor 708A drive, firmware 1.04

btw, im running winXP. Primary and secondary IDE channels are set to DMA.

Are you sure DMA is enabled for your recorder? This problem sounds a lot like a drive which is in PIO mode instead of UDMA mode 2. Have you got PlexTools? In PlexTools you can also check if DMA is enabled by checking the drive’s properties.

Also, please upgrade your Nero version to the latest version ( because there are some problems with this Plextor drive and early Nero 6 builds. When reporting back please mention your system specs like motherboard, drivers, etc.

Besides DMA/PIO, your version of Nero may not be handling the speed settings correctly. You should not get an 8x setting if your media is not on the recommended list and is factory rated for 4x. The quality may be such that the drive throttles down to whatever works with the lowest amount of errors. Setting the speed at 4x with 4x +R rated media means that the drive will write at 2.4x or 4x depending on media quality.

Some software will create a disc image before writing the data to the media and will make the write time very long. Try with Nero tools and do a Create Data Disc from the test menu. This will give you a true picture of what your media does. A 4x +R disc from the recommended media list or 8x +R (if you can find them) will write in about 8 minutes.

Get media on the recommended list and stick with what gives you the best results.

first of all G@M3FR3@K and bob11879 many thanks guys for replying so quickly and helping me !! :bow: :bow: :bow:

I SOLVED the problem. A couple of things i had to change to get to this improvement. First of all the dma settings. It was saying “ultra dma mode 2” when i checked it in winxp, but to be sure i removed the secundaire IDE channel and let windows reboot to find it again… After the reboot it again said “ultra dma mode 2” . so thats probably good :). Next i installed plextools 2.10 (was using it before but removed it a while ago, cant remember why i did it … i did it :slight_smile: ) . Then i noticed in the drive information screen of plextools that the drive setup was “slave”. In the manual of the plextor 708A drive it says “the drive should be connected to the secundairy ide port and configured as master and no other device should be connected on the same ide cable for the best performance”. So i opened my casing to find out how the cables were connected. Then i saw that the drive was connected to the secundaire ide port that was good and it was the only device on the ide cable so that was good too, but 1 little difference was that i was not using the secundairy ide port of the mainboard but from a “promise ultra ide controller” that was plugin one of my ide slots. I decided to reorganised all my ide cables, so unplugged the ide cables from the promise ultra dma controller and put the cable wich was connected to my plex 708a into the secundaire port of the mainboard. I powered my computer again and let windows do his “installing new hardware” thing. So now it was time for some serious testing. First thing i did was checking the version of nero… it seemed i allready was using one of the newest versions( , i didnt upgrade to a newer version. So now a new burn session. Again i was writing the same amount of data i did before. (4.5 gigs in total). Nero allready set my write speed to 8x . The media is probably 8x compatible (media: a 25 pack of platinum 4x dvd+r btw). I started the burning proces, the first 10 percent was going on 6x speed (btw i did the registry trick for nero where you can see the actual writing speed) , this was allready better then before :smiley: … 11% … 12% the writing speed was going up … when 15 % was reached the drive was writing on 8 speed!! WOOHOO! :stuck_out_tongue: . i really thought i would never see this happing :slight_smile: . The only thing was that my harddisk couldn’t keep up when it reached around 50 percent… almost 11 mb/sec , really amazing!. (i dont blame the hd :slight_smile: )

So i guess it all had to do with my “promise ultra dma ide controller” the plextor 708a drive can’t function very well when connected to this type of controller. So i would rekonment everyone always use your mainboard ide ports, they are apparantly faster.

again thanks guys for helping me… :slight_smile:

No problem DarkOmega, it’s always good to hear when someone solves their problem!