Plextor 708A and Latest Firmware Problem!

Hi all!!

My problem with 708A started after i install the newest firmware (1.8), before i was able to burn Ritek G04 (4x) media in 15 to 17 minutes, now (after intalling the new firmware) it takes me an 1 hour and 30 minutes to burn the same dvds (Ritek G04)!!! :eek: And the worst is that i can burn a -RW (Ritek) 2x in 30 minutes!! 3 times faster than the Ritek 4X G04, it cannot be!! :a

Is there any way that i can uninstall the firmware?? Or the problem is with the pack of dvd that i bought??

I´m using Nero

Please Help me!! :slight_smile:

It seems that Windows (XP I guess) lost DMA setting for the controller that your Plextor is connected on and run on PIO mode (a common problem of XP)
Check this first. Look here:
I had no problem with new FW for my 708A.

Yup, bulovin is right, seems like a DMA problem. Try what he suggested and report back. Welcome to the forums forgodsaken :slight_smile:

The problem is quite simple: each time you flash a new firmware, windows consider the drive to be a “new drive” with DMA reset by default.
So each time you flash, you have to reenable DMA…
(You can delete the “old drive” in “computer management” -> “storage management” as well but the “old drive” keeps being registered in the registry!)

This is not true… Once you have flashed your drive you must reboot. This causes Windows XP to re-detect the drive and it should also enable DMA again. Most of the times this works but sometimes it doesn’t, which leads to the problems forgodsaken experiences.

Perhaps not true, but it is wise to do as if it were! :wink: :slight_smile:

Perhaps but I don’t see any reason why you should take this extra step. If DMA is not enabled after a reboot you can always remove the drive later. But, if it works for you then you should of course keep doing it :wink: But, do you remove your drive from the system manager before or after starting the flash software and flashing your drive?

1/ Well, it is quick to verify DMA, it is time consuming to burn without DMA :wink:
(you have to check only once after you have flashed)

2/ I remove all those pesky red X crossed drives when i think of it after having flashed a drive! Is there a recommended way of doing it?
(I wonder if removing before flashing is very safe, it didn’t came to my mind to do so! you need an ASPI layer and an ATAPI drive to flash, do you?)

edit: if this is what you meant, yes I prefer to flash when there is no red X crossed drives in “system manager” -> “storage manager” :cool:

Thanks G@M3FR3@K!!! :slight_smile:

I followed the tutorial that bulovin gave me (thanks!! :)) (, so i set the burner to DMA and reboot my pc, after that i burned a dvd to test it, unfortunally that didn´t work, i still have to wait at least 1 hour to burn one Ritek G04 dvd.

Any other sugestion on how can i fix this or at least find the problem?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could it be that the media i got is bad??

I read somewhere that once i installed the firmware i could not go back, thats true?? And if i can, do you recommend to uninstall it??

Thanks guys for the help!!

I read somewhere that once i installed the firmware i could not go back, thats true?? And if i can, do you recommend to uninstall it??

Yes you can go back! and no you cannot uninstall it, What you will be doing is overwriting it…

forgodsaken, can you check if DMA is enabled? If you remove the drive and reboot, XP should re-detect the drive and re-enable DMA. The keyword here is “should” so you should check if DMA is enabled now in the Device Manager, if it still says PIO mode 4 then that’s the cause of your problem.

Yes i check it and you are right the DMA mode is not activate, but i don´t know how to do that. I followed the tutorial that bulovin gave me but Winxp don´t want to change to DMA!!

Device 1
Transfer Mode: DMA if Available
Current Transfer Mode: Pio Mode
<----- This is my problem, how can i force Winxp to use DMA?? In the tutorial i see that you can uninstall the device so WInxp has to reinstall the drivers, right?? But how can i uninstall it??


To uninstall:

  • right click on Primary/Secondary IDE Channel (depending on where is your 708a), and select uninstall.
  • highlight Primary/Secondary IDE Channel (you choose) and press DEL/DELETE.

Hi zevia, if i do that i would not loose the info on my hard drive or something like that, right?? I only want to be sure that after i uninstall the Primary/Secondary IDE Channel i will be able to restart the pc :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgodsaken, no you will not loose anything from your hardrive. I did this many time when I was playing around with my new dvd burner. Believe me, it’s safe.

Let us know how it goes (in case after restart still in PIO mode)

Thank you all for the Help!!! :bigsmile:

Uninstalling the Primary IDE Channel did the trick!! Now i can burn the dvds in 13 minutes!! :cool:

Thanks zevia!! :bow:

Good to hear that forgodsaken :wink: Too bad you didn’t follow the link I posted since that would have already solved your problem :stuck_out_tongue: