Plextor 708A and DVDXCopy Express


I was using DVDxCopy Express just fine until I installed my new Plextor 708A drive…now I’m buring coasters.

I called DVDxCopy and they said to change the write speed of the drive…drop it down to 2x or 4x. I can’t find where to make this adjustment…can anyone help out?

I’m using a few different types of media…

Fujifilm DVD+R
Phillips DVD+R
Maxell DVD-R

Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution?


I’m having the exact same problem…used FujiFilm (TY) media and Memorex. There is no place to change the recording speed of your burner in xcopy xpress. I can’t explain it either. Finally gave up and went to the anydvd/dvdclone combo. Works great, but I hate having apparently wasted 70 bucks on xpress.

A possible solution/workaround:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

It works. Thanks.

Installed version 3.20 of XcopyXpress…change log says it corrects the problem with our Plexy. Trying it now…will post results in just a few minutes.

After the read I received the message that there was an error writing to disk. Xpress program interface kept asking me to install a blank disc although it had previously detected a blank disc and asked if I wanted to automatically begin the burn…I did select “yes”. I’m now burning the Video_TS files with clone dvd. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I updated my firmware to 1.03 prior to the burn. Who knows…?

Got a successful burn with Xpress…turned off Norton AV auto detect…that seemed to do the trick. Xpress still asked me to insert blank media but this time when I opened and closed the burner with the same media inserted it detected it…

I’ve noticed that my Plexor works fine with DVDxCopy Platinum when buring onto DVD-R media. It has a problem with all the DVD+Rs that I’ve tried.