Plextor 708A and CDRWIN!

I have a Plextor 708A and a question I hope someone can answer.

Can anyone get this Plextor working with CDRWIN ?
I don’t now how to do…
Rgds // Mr.D

Please provide more details on your problem. My PX-708A works great with CDRWIN versions 3.9e, 3.9f and 3.9g. Older CDRWIN versions may not properly recognize the PX-708A so you will need to upgrade. Version 3.9g was just released a few days ago.

Can you see the PX-708A listed under the “Recorders” tab within the “Devices and Settings” option of CDRWIN?

Yes, I see my plextor there, firmware 1,7.
the message I get is;
Error “START DAO RECORDING” Command failed on device 1:1:0
disc type is not supported.
Maybee this menas that I have to use an other disc…
I have tried Memorex and Fujifilm, nothing works…

Whick kind of disc do you use ?

If you are from Sweden I would prefer us discissing in Swedish…

Thank’s // Mr.D

I just used my PX-708A to burn an audio CD using CDRWIN 3.9g, with Verbatim DataLifePlus UltraSpeed 16X-24X CD-RW media, and the DAO recording completed with no problems.

Perhaps you can provide some more system info: motherboard brand, name and chipset, installed OS, any installed IDE drivers and ASPI drivers, etc.

Also, is the failure specific to CDRWIN? Have you tried other CD/DVD writing software?

All other software works fine. I maybee have to use Nero to burn these BIN/CUE files as well ?
It all worked before I changed to my plextor 708A !?

What exactly are you trying to burn and to what media (CD/DVD)? How big is the ISO, what was the source, what’s in the CUE file? Without more details we cannot really help you…

START DAO RECORDING command failed on device 2:0:0 Disc type is not supported.

Did you get a solution to this problem yet. I have the same problem and need help badly.

thanks, Jerry

I have the same freakin problem with my Plextor PX-712A. Somehow last week it started to work (and I had 2 sessions of CDRWIN open). I didn’t turn my computer off for days while I burned CD+G disc. Well after a reboot I thought I would open up 2 sessions of CDRWIN and it would work again. No luck. I have 3.9G version. I am not going to bore everyone with details on what cds I used or what settings I had in CDRWIN. My belief is somehow the cuesheet is not automatically getting created while I am adding files. According to the manual CDRWIN is suppose to set up a cue sheet when tracks are added. I did a search to look for a temp file that might contain a cue sheet. I had no luck. Any thoughts???

I cannot believe it!!! I created the following .cue file using notepad
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 73:30:45

and named it CDRWINxx.cue

and placed it in the folder where I was storing the bin files I was going to burn and everything worked!!!

i’m back to getting the same error. Its not working again

read here:

Try disabling “Ignore Media Type” emulation in Alcohol 120, close alcohol, and retry.

Yup, turn off all emulation in Alcohol, Daemon Tools, Clone CD/DVD etc. That should fix it.

isepiq :cool: