Plextor 708A and Alcohol 120%

I finally took the plunge and got a DVD burner. I have had a plextor 12/10/32 and it has served me extremely well over the past 4 yrs

When loading up a bin/cue with the new 708A. i tried to burn at 4x using a 10x rated cdrw. Alcohol burned it at 10x. however, when popping in a 4x rated cdrw it burned it at 4x fine.

I’ve had problems in the past with the high speed cdrw media reading in my stand along pioneer dvd player. Ive tried looking for every setting in alcohol but no success. with the 12/10/32, it was never a problem as the burn speeds 1x,2x,4x,8x, 10x were all availabe in the drop down menu. am i just not doing something right?

ive read on this forum that the 708a can not write cd-rw at 1X or 2X speed. how about 4x?

You cannot burn 4X on a hi-speed RW disc, you need “old” RW discs for that and goes for all burners.

I have burned at 4X with the same media but on my older plextor 12/10/32. so are you telling me the 708A is just unable to or that its a media problem. I used the same cd-rw in the cd burner and the dvd burner, but the 708A wouldnt let me burn at 4X… :confused:

I think DiiZzY is correct. Check with your plextools to see the 708 spec (or check your manual).

This is an example for 712a. It can burn CDR 4, 8, 16, 32, 48x. CDRW depends on its spec.

i am sorry. i guess i wasnt clear.

i have 2 types of cd-rw. 1 compatible up to 10x and the other 4x. i first used the 10x cd-rw and fired up alcohol. it only had the option to burn at 10x in the drop down menu. so i burned the svcd at 10x. i then burned the other half of the svcd on the 4x cd-rw and this time the drop down menu had 4x.

i couldnt set the burn speed to 4x when i had the 10x cd-rw in the drive, where as my old 12/10/32 always let me select 1x,2x,4x,8x, and 10x. i can not figure out if there is a setting to allow me to select 4x. i read the specs on and the 708a can cdrw at 4x. and i tried that already. but how to do it in alcohol with a 10x cd-rw.

sorry if this is confusing.

Hi ratbrain.

You can burn with 4x, 8x, 10x and sometimes 12x on a Hi-Speed CD-RW, but the PX-708A allow only 10x on HS CD-RW. It seems it only burns with the highest speed the media can do, as you can see in the above picture.


Edit: It’s the same speed for PX-708A and PX-712A on CD-RW.

so if i understand this right, the 708A will detect if a high speed cd-rw is present (10X) or normal speed cd-rw (4X) and then burn speed is automatically selected at the highest speed for that particular media? that freakin sucks!

with the 12/10/32, i often selected 8X with a high speed cd-rw that was rated for 10X, to avoid errors. so i cant do this with the 708A???

Yes, it looks like it.

There is one speedsetting for each CD-RW, so it can set only one speed. But that’s enough though. I haven’t tried to burn CD-RWs on my PX-712A because I have a Liteon 52327S CDRW that burns them very good. The Liteon 52327S is very cheap, so try to get one if you can find one. It have been replaced with the 5238S model, but I don’t know anything about this model.

i think i may just have to follow that strategy. i replace my 12/10/32 with the 708A and have another pioneer dvd-rom drive. i think i may have to swap out the pioneer dvd-rom for the 12/10/32. that sucks. i was using the pioneer for all ripping and playback purposes.

but if its true that there is only one speed setting, i am no longer a plextor fan. i guess all the negative comments regarding plextor dvd burners is true… :frowning:

It’s pretty common that new drives do not support lower recording speeds anymore. Take CD-R recording speeds for example: nowadays drives do not support 1x and 2x recording anymore and some even don’t support 4x anymore. And why would they anyway? If your 10x CD-RW disc cannot be reliably burned at 10x then there is either something wrong with the media you’re using or with the drive (or, another option, your player is too sensitive). If you really need to burn at 4x then get some 4x CD-RW media.

It’s actually strange that most people are always asking for higher speeds and then someone comes along asking for lower speeds :wink: :wink:

I would easily agree with you G@m3fr3@k, but there’s still the need of burning at lower speeds (esp. 4x, if you are trying to copy latest Safedisc). But I can take the point of having a 4x media when 4x is vital and you’re using CD-RW media.