Plextor 708 UF 2

My friend just bought a plextor 708 UF 2. can he use plextools professional version 2.14 that he got from someone to control the reading speed of his burner? can he upgrade to plextools professional version 2.19 from plextor web site? can he use gigarec,varirec on this drive? thank you.

Yes of course he can use gigarec, varirec and almost all features of Plextools. And he can upgrade to Plextools 2.19a and every new version then they will be released.

he is in usa. there is no plextools professional 2.19 a to dowload from the site there. from where can he get this to download?

Direct link to
And direct link to the file:

I dont think that 708A2 has Gigarec.

Forgive me. My mistake. No, 708A2 can’t GigaRec.