Plextor 708 - Firmware 1.03(Bin only) *Request*

Greetings, been lurking enough on this board to reg & give a props where props is due. Many a nice info found here, so thanx to all…

Now back to topic :wink:

Just got this burner & like what I have seen so far, but want to take advantage of latest firmware, but with notn but nix puters on my lan, the .exe on plex’s site dont help me much… Have tried it via wine, but no go(wasnt suprised really. hehe)
My searches have come up dry, so I turn to you…

Anyone got a backup “handy”? Would really not like to give my win buds the pleasure of a rent-a-box-visit. :wink:

Either way, any related answer would be much appreciated.

Greetings from .no

just extract the exe file of the firmware and you’ll find a bin file with the name : Opal_103.bin

and 2 more files :

i used Winrar to extract the archive…

i hope this helps

thanx for your reply. it was a route I was expecting… so asked a win-bud to extract it & send it back. Did a rather “nerve” wrecking round & updated via wine. This worked fine from the looks of it… The problem I got now tho seem to be more of a nix sw issue.

All my dvd-r’s burn(& playback) without a problem at given speeds, this being 1x,2x & 4x(princo,datawrite & verbs respectively), its the dvd+r’s thats giving me head-ache…

Most of the dvd+r’s burn fine and get 8x on my verbs 4x(TY), they just dont play on my standalone, nor on my xbox. Mounted in any dvdrom they show up right(those that burned fine that is… :wink: )

Been testing both cdrecord-ProDVD & growisofs for these purposes, they have some obscure errors with buffer error or scsi in/out with some of the dvd+r’s… I guess I have to bite the rotten apple & borrow a win box to confirm this.

Im really puzzled that its the +r’s thats causing gray hairs tho & not the -r’s
My old pio104 has given me 0 coasters with these two programs in the past, have a rather long bug report ready to ship for mr Schilling if same errors are absent on win.

Seem to be mosly win users on this forum, do correct me if Im wrong. LOL

Originally posted by Zth
Seem to be mosly win users on this forum, do correct me if Im wrong. LOL
Yeah, you’re right there :wink: I myself have absolutely no experience with ‘nix’ compu’s… So I can’t really help you… I can only wish you good luck! :wink: