Plextor 708 DVD-Video >2X?



How do I increase the read speed of a PX708 on DVD-Video discs? It’s stuck @ 2X right now, and I don’t see any settings in Plextools to increase the read-speed of DVD-Video discs?


In plextools, enable SpeedRead is set? What software you use to read?
DMA setting is UDMA2?


Before loading a DVD-video you wish to rip at high speed, start with the tray closed. Press and hold down the eject button for over 3 seconds until the LED blinks, then release it and the tray should open. Load the DVD-video and it should read at high speed. If you use DVD-Decrypter you can enable speed-read for Plextor to do that automatically since its only needed for ripping and just use that software always for that task.


VeryBadBoy, thanks. That worked. Zevia, yup, was in DMA2. Where is SpeedRead in Plextools?


Select your drive -> Drive Settings -> SpeedRead CD/DVD. Your answer was also covered in the Plextor FAQ btw :wink: