Plextor 708 and Arita media

I did a lot of testing (and trashing DVD+R’s) with the 708 and Arita media: both the 2.4x and the 4x.

I used FW 1.02 and Nero 6.00.19.

Both Arita’s have the same manufacturer (RICOHJPN),media ID (R01), product revision (02) and speed rating (2.4-4x).
Both can be burned @ 8x with the 708 and @4x with the 504.
The 708 however,produces unreadable or skipping discs @4 and @8x, when the cheaper 2.4x Arita’s are used.
The 504 burns perfect discs with the cheaper 2.4x Arita’s @4x.

I just finished my first spindle of the 2.4x Arita’s and started using my 4x Arita spindle.
Allthough they have exactly the same ID, they are very different.
I burned the same data to the 4x Arita’s, @4x as well as @8x.

They both were perfectly readable in my standalone player as well as my PX116.

The 2.4x Arita’s are sold for 134 euro/100 and the 4x Arita’s will cost you 148 euro/100, both at

Happy Burning!

Thanks for the information Radar!