Plextor 708-A hangs explorer.exe...please help

I recently upgraded my Plextor-708 A firware from 1.03 to 1.06, then 1.07 only to find an annoying issue: everytime i mount a data dvd-r (burned with easy media creator) in the drive the devices windows hangs up for 20+ seconds (about for 25), taken only to recognize the dvd. The same dvds are recognized perfectly in about 2-3 seconds with my toshiba dvd drive. I got win2k with service pack 4 installed, i’ve taken a look on the plextor website, only to find a problem, recurring after the upgrade, of the dma mode switching to pio, which didn’t occurr in my case. Should i try to revert the firmware back to 1.03, or 1.04? I’m lacking of other solutions…btw, i haven’t got the aspi installed…can that make any difference? Please lend me an hand…

Try reverting back to firmware 1.03 then to 1.04. Roxio Easy cd creator isn’t that great of a software to use. Here’s a download for the ASPI:

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Generally speaking you do not have to install an ASPI layer for your system. Most software tools like Roxio, Nero, PlexTools, etc. all have their own ASPI layer on board. As DVD_ADDICT suggested you can try to go back to a previous firmware. The problem you’re describing sound a lot like a DMA -> PIO issue but you already checked this. The Plextor drives often need more time to recognize a disc than other drives but they shouldn’t hang explorer. Can you check the CPU usage when you insert a disc into the drive? If it goes to 100% then it’s probably related to DMA.