Plextor 708-A - Can't burn data DVD

Ok, I am having a strange problem burning with my new Plextor 708-A. System Specs

1GB Ram
80GB Hard Drive (20GB free)
Plextor 708A Secondary Master - Firmware is the latest and greatest 1.04
Toshiba DVDRom Secondary Slave

I am trying to burn with Nero I am burning with Memorex DVD+R media that is labeled at 4x. I did a burn of 4GB of data on the first disc (just pictures and such) and it said the burn process completed at 8x. I popped that disc in my Toshiba DVDRom drive and it didn’t see anything. The drive light just stayed solid on like it was having a problem reading it. If I tried to look at the drive, it said “Please insert a disc in drive D:” error.

Dumbfounded, I tried another burn with different material and this one didn’t work either.

I then got to thinking that it could POSSIBLY be the speed. I could force it to 4x. Your thoughts on this matter or helpful hints would be great. Thanks!


what Toshiba do you have?

Without cracked Firmware older Toshibas can’t read DVD+R/RW.

Cu P.

I thought that might be the problem and sure enough, I ran the Nero Info tool and my Toshiba DVD drive doesn’t support DVD+R or RW. Sorry about that. :frowning:

The disc is good cause it plays in the DVD Burner without a hitch. :slight_smile: