Plextor 708 A Buring Problems with Roxio, DVD Xcopy, Nero


I have lived in the forums for some time, following advice and such, but can’t find a way to burn DVDs consistently.

I Have:

XP Home
Plextor 708A
120 G HD
1 G Ram
Using TDK x2 -R


Roxio DVD Creator 6: Video fine - audio a perfect hiss.
DVD X-Copy Platinum Burns DVD-R with about 20 percent sucess rate - all other burns coasters. I changed all the configurations required with no difference in success rate.
NERO 6 OEM Burn seems fine but will only run on Plextor - not on any othe reader home or computers.

DMA mode activated - Roxio Drag to Disk killed - All winconfig programs turned off - and tons of other advice found for months and months…

Help please? How come others get the programs to work and I can’t at any consistent rate?

I would suggest you update to the latest Nero Burn or try using IMG TOOL BURN to burn dvds. DVD X COPY software is crappy. Use DVD SHRINK to back up your dvds. The latest DVD SHRINK has Nero Burn built in.

When burning dvds I would suggest you turn off programs that are running in the background such as antivirus software.
What brand of DVD-R media are you using? It would be best to use the recommended brands of media that Plextor supports. They also have a compatibility list.

Good Luck.:slight_smile: