Plextor 608CU bootable?


I’m going to buy the Plextor 608CU but since it is an external drive I wanted to make sure if it is possible to boot via the drive and install an OS with it ? I need it for my laptop which is without a CD/DVD drive.

As long as you plug it before you power up the system you should not have any problem using the external drive as boot device. All my external optical drives are bootable, for this reason I think the 608CU is also able to boot.

But one important thing you should know, the 608CU is no real Plextor it is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K16 with Plextor brand on it. See this thread.

Do not understand me wrong, the 608 may be a good drive, I don’t have it so I can not tell you it is a good one or a not so good device. But it may be possible you get an other drive for a better price!