Plextor 52/24/52 cue sheet error

I have win xp, and I have installed my plex on my machine and I keep getting this error, I have already upgraded to latest api and plextools, plex cx support just keeps telling me to de install all burning software and re-install api and plextools, I have done it, still it doesn’t work.
In any other computer, such as a friend’s it works great. Help please!

It should be the system problem.Reinstall the XP and use nero,will the problem occur again?

Since it works on another system, it’s not a drive issue. Try using MSCONFIG and boot with the basic set. If it works, trouble shoot from there by disabling the IMAPI service first. Disable startup items or services until you find the culprit. If it doesn’t work with the basic services, you may have to reinstall the OS. Remove all your recording apps. Try enabling IMAPI and using the built-in recording engine.