Plextor 504A under Linux

I do backups on several Linux servers (all running RedHat 7.1 or later). All of these machines have the Plextor DVD+RW 504A, and I’m getting the same problem on all of them. cdrecord seems to function just fine, but then when I actually mount the disc and try to open the file the system tells me that it’s corrupted. When I move the DVD to another machine, using a different OS, the contents appear to be fine. Could the Plextor drive be succeeding on writes, but failing on reads?

The Plextor 712A does not seem to have this problem, but I’d rather not have to replace all of the 504A drives.

Welcome to the forum Michael
It’s unusual to be happening on all of the systems, and unless you try a different model burner on one of your servers to find out if it’s still happening it’s very hard to say if it’s a problem with your 504A drives. I had something similar happen in Fedora Core, when I mounted the disk that I burnt I could see all the files but the files didn’t have any names all there was ??? Instead of the file names, but on a different system it was OK and the files had there correct names. But I’m using a Lite-On. So the only thing I could think of was that there was something going wrong with the mounting of the disk.

Have you tried looking or posting your problem here or here If I need some answers it’s normally the first place I look.

I didn’t find anything about my problem at those sites, but thanks anyway. Those will be great resources in the future.