Plextor 48x

I have just bought a Plextor 48/24/48A. When I burn cds it takes 5 and a half mins.

With Nero I have selected it to burn at 48 speed but it still takes this long.

With Roxio even when I select 48 speed it tells me that it is actually burning at around 18 speed.

I don’t really know why, not sure whether its because I only have a PIII 550. Can you help?

There can be a number of reasons:

-Can you check if DMA is enabled for your drive (eg. with Nero InfoTool). When DMA is not enabled you will never be able to reach 48x and you will experience a lot of buffer underruns. Did Nero report underruns after the burn was fnished? Then you can be pretty sure DMA is the problem.
-What media are you using? The Plextor recorders use a safe strategy which means that they will use a low recording speed when you use media that has not been tested by Plextor. For a list of recommended PX-W4824A media click here.
-Did you check if the drive is properly attached (master/slave settings, IDE cables, etc).

Please report back so we can help you further!

Hey thanks for your reply.

I enabled DMA through PlexTools and then tried to use Nero. I tried to burn several times and each time it managed around 2% and then didnt get any further. I waited for few mins but since It wasnt getting any further I stopped burn process.
With Roxio the same thing happened, at about 6%.

In both cases I couldnt open the drive to take out the cd until I had rebooted, had to use reset button, I couldnt ctrl, alt del out for some reason. The last time I did this when my computer restarted it said my hard drives had failed!!!

Turned comp off and back on again, it managed to boot up ok then…

I am using Infiniti 48x cdr’s, not sure whether that is prob but I guess not since before I turned on DMA I could at least record even though it was at a slow speed.

Havent checked in case yet to see if cables loose, should I still do that?

Not got a clue what to do!!!

Originally posted by ecviv
[B]Hey thanks for your reply.

I enabled DMA through PlexTools [/B]

Burn with the PlexTools , and report back !!
If the speed problem is not there any more , you will have to adjust your OS for permanent results .

Also try enabling DMA via Windows and not via the PlexTools software. You’re running Windows XP or Win 9x? Via XP you can check DMA via Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, IDE ATA?ATAPI Controllers. It should say DMA mode 2 for your burner. If not then set it to DMA if available, reboot and check again. It is enabled now and can you burn ok?


I’m a complete newbie to this, so if I say something inept, sorry :wink:

I’ve got a bit of a problem with my DMA settings. Both PlexTools (v1.17) and Nero InfoTools show DMA is not enabled for my PX-W48/24/48A. Checking the box in PlexTools to enable DMA doesn’t do anything. So it has to be an issue with my motherboard/IDE configuration right? I’m running on a GigaByte GA-7DXR motherboard (BIOS v.F9) if that helps. I’ve double checked and it’s not a problem with the jumpers on the rear of the unit, they’re setup fine, or any of the other cables. The CD-RW is set up as the Master on IDE2 (with an Zip100 drive as the slave).

So… how can I enable DMA on a WinMe system? I’ve had a good root through my Device Manager and can’t find an option to do so. All the (otherwise exceedingly helpful) posts in the forum refer to fixing this in XP, which doesn’t really help!

Without the DMA enabled I can’t flash the firmware among other things, which I’m sure you can imagine is pretty annoying!

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! Cheers mate,

Not to worry, I’ve managed to sort out the problem! I was missing some files necassary for the use of DMA on my motherboard. It all works a treat now :bigsmile:

And yes, I’m suitably embarassed for not having checked those in the first place :wink:

Take it easy everyone,

Sorry for my late reply but I’m glad you figured it out for yourself!