Plextor 48x write errors


I purchased last week the Plextor 4824TA IDE CD recorder

I updated the firmware to the 1.03 version. The CD Recorder is set as Master and in Windows’ Device Manager I see that it is Ultra DMA Mode 2 Enabled

My System is:

AMD Athlon 900 CPU

Abit KT7-Raid Motherboard

512Mb (2*256) PC-133 SDRAM

Maxtor 40Gb ATA-133 HD

Windows XP Pro + SP1

Via 4in1 Drivers 4.43v

ASPI Drivers 4.71

I use Nero Burning Software version and I have the following Problem:

I wrote a folder containing some photos from HD in a CD-r and in the CD-rw media that came with the recorder

I had enabled the Verify Data option in Nero and I got errors after the recording that the file in the cd and the file in HD are different.

I used Nero CD Speed’s Scan disc and i get that 0.67% is Unreadable

When I try to open the photos from the cd some of them are damaged. When I open them from HD I can see them perfect.

The same problem occurred again with some other data files. I wrote an audio cd but nothing wrong happened.

What is wrong??

Are there any special setting I should use with Nero?


Because of the holy days i will not knock your head , because in the FAQ of this place and older messages you will see that the ASPI needs to be the 4.60 ,for stability and compatibility …

Read the FAQ !!! :slight_smile:

Nero uses its own ASPI-layer so that shouldn’t be the problem. The ASPI layer is only important for programs that need it. icy2006 can you try burning the same data using a different program, such as PlexTools for instance? It could be a problem with Nero or with your drive itself.

Thank you for the replies

I found that the problem was that I had connected the cd-recorder as Master in the same IDE cable with my Pioneer DVD-Rom (as Slave). I removed the DVD-Rom and the Plextor cd-recorder worked fine. No Verify Data errors. I connected the DVD-Rom in the forth IDE controller of the motherboard and left the Plextor cd-recorder in the third IDE controller (the first two are for HD and raid configuration). Again all went fine and the recorder work fine. Again No Verify Data errors.

Thank you for your time and the help you gave me.