Plextor 48X CD-R or TDK armor CD-R in USA !?


i am from middle-east and i would like to make my friend buy me some quality CD-R from USA and ship it here.

i will use my CD-R in car so they must have best quality and scratchproof.

so i thought about plextor premium and TDK armor.

is this the best choice for me in CAR ?

i tried to google plextor model number but all the sites that sell these CD-R are in UK or other country i didn’t find them in USA.

and if there is a local shop in NY sell them please let me know .

thanks alot … :bow:

Both will be fine for your car player. :iagree: - but I would prefer the Plextor.

ok but where to find them on USA !!! they are soo rare i don’t know why !!

I don’t know, I’m in Europe!! :bigsmile:

Other choices, maybe easier to find, are the Verbatim pastels (TY discs, just like the Plextors) or Verbatim DatalifePlus (MCC). You can’t go wrong with these. :slight_smile:

yah i can get verbatim here but i don’t think the scratch resisitance is equal to plextor ! what do u think ?

Burn quality depends on the drive and the burning speed.

For me the Plextor (Taiyo Yuden) 48x CD-R media and the Verbatim Crystal + Super Azo 52x CD-R media are equally good in general, except when burning at high speed in my Plextor PX-712 drive where the Verbatims are not as good.

I haven’t really tested the scratch resistance of the Plextor discs. Are the Plextor discs supposed to be especially scratch resistant?

I know for a fact that the Verbatim Crystal + Super Azo has a special top coating that makes them somewhat more resistant to scratches, but the bottom side is just normal polycarbonate AFAIK.


any links for those crystal verbatim cause i don’t see them in market !!

do u mean these ?

cause as i told u i used TY and i used MCC and i love them both i just want the best protection for scratchs cause i got some glitchs after few scratchs in some cds.

Here’s a link to these discs at Verbatim Europe (look for the Crystal surface): Verbatim-Europe CD-R

I suppose these are the same discs at Verbatim Americas: Verbatim-Americas DataLifePlus CD-R, but they don’t exactly advertise these as scratch resistant on the American site.

Here’s what the jewel-case packaging looks like in Europe:


thanks man i think i will go for them cause we have dealer for verbatim here.

can u just guide me for the correct model number for the 50 pack and 100 pack for normal silver one not printable.

cause in the site i see alot of models.