Plextor 48/24A Help

I recently updated the firewire to 1.05 but now DirectCD from Easy CD Creater 5 is not working. It does not seem to be able to find a recordable drive. How could I fix this? The other programs recogonize it.

Why is it that I can’t seem to create a HighMAT disc with the built-in software with WinXP? On my friend’s computer with winXP when I write files that way there is the option to create a HighMAT disc but with my comp it doesn’t. I have already installed the windows update that is supposed to allow that.

With a cd-rw disc with files burned using winXP’s built-in program, why is it that I can’t add more files using winXP’s built-in program but with my friend’s computer I add more files using winXP’s built-in program.

You can download the HighMAT plugin here. I have never used it myself so I can’t really help you with that. About Easy CD Creator 5, have you tried re-installing or updating your software to a later version?

I have that drive and i’m on the latest firmware for a while now.
I’ve never had a single problem, related to upgrading firmwares or antyhing else…
I use Nero becaus ethe experience that i’ve had with Easy CD CReator and Direct CD was really bad. The program really sucks… I would advise you, first, to use another program.