Plextor 40x12x40 Internal and Scsi are out

Ehh Plextor doesn’t make SCSI anymore… Only IDE. I would like a review myself :slight_smile:

available on (do a search on cd writers)

will the ide one do sd2??

waiting for a review

I guess you mean the “Plextor 40X Internal SCSI Tray”…?

This is a CDRom drive…

I own 2 of those myself and can say that they are damn good!

No this is the IDE one

bit wierd if you do a search on jungle for “plextor” only the scsi one is shown but do a search on “cd writers” then the 40x12x40 ide one is there!!

Still says that they have none in stock and there is a 3-5 day wait.

Guess they are getting the orders in :smiley: