Plextor 40X12X40 and IL2 Sturmovic -Pls help-

Hi Dudez

I have here “IL2 Sturmovik”. Clonny says me that this cd is protected with safedisc V2 (I Think it´s the LATEST version of safedisc.

I have tried CLONE CD version with Amplify wake sectors without success.

I have read in this forum that my new recorder can copy this kind of media.

You, masters of cd replication ;), can tell me pls how to copy it (I have waged my burner with a friend, If I can copy the CD, he brings me his burner, If I cannot copy it I have to let my plextor 40x12x40 to him)

What version of clone cd i hvae to use? What options I have to select? I have an UltraPlex 40, what speed for reading? or I have to readit from the burner?

Please help me!

If it is the Russion version, then I’m pretty sure that it’s Star Force.

Run my weak sector scanner to see if there are any. It can only be safedisc 2 if that scanner finds something.

If it’s indeed SafeDisc 2 then use the SafeDisc Analyser to detect the exact version. Please report back what you find out so we can help you further.