Plextor 40X or Lite-On 40X?



Well, I'm getting a Lite-On DVD-ROM and I currently have a 16X Plextor burner but I like the new offerings from Plextor and Lite-On. What burner is the best at reading and copying through all protection (minus audio)? Which is the best burner hands down, Plextor 40X or Lite-On 40X?


A very simple answer:

For data protections: Lite-On
For audio protections: Plextor

The Plextor writers have some problems with the latest SafeDisc versions and need CloneCD’s AWS function to make a working back-up. The Lite-On writers can do it without any additional help. For the rest they’re both fine writers. I always felt that Plextor is a bit more quality but this is a personal opinion. I do not own a Lite-On writer.

I do own a TEAC 40x writer and I really love that one. I doesn’t work very well with copy-protections but it does produce quality burns at every speed and it can write a lot of discs at a higher speed than they’re certified for… You can read my review of this drive here.


i think Lite-on wins when it comes to price/options


Originally posted by damiandimitri
i think Lite-on wins when it comes to price/options

I agree with your opinion,Plextors are too expensive and its performance is not always as good as Lite-On.


I’m a little biased (:D) but I would go for Lite-On…


With the latest Firmware, the Plextor is writing (not reading) as fast as LiteOn 40x with P-CAV, because the Plextor is increasing its speed earlier (producing even higher angular velocities and more noise of course).
But it is still too expensive and it’s only worth the money of you want to rip lots of protected audio cds


Well I’m getting a Lite-On 40X burner instead of the Lite-On dvd-rom. I’ll get the dvd-rom too but later…I’ll just use my Plextor as a reader! :slight_smile:


Good choice, the trick for protected audio is in the reading, for games it’s the writing that is more important.

The only potential drawback I can see in the plan so far is that if you use backup game disks you may have problems with 2 burners in your machine. You’ll need Hide CDR Media for games protected with SecuROM and SD 2.4 and above.


Cool…thanx Orinoco…I’ll keep that in mind when I go to burn a game. When I tried to backup my original Medal of Honor cd with my Plextor, it would not copy it correctly. My friend just got his Lite-On 40x burner and it worked for him. My Plextor seemed to copy the MOH disc just fine but the problem came when I tried to install it. It gave me an error about 48 - 50% while installing it with the backup copy. I’m glad the Lite-On burns it just fine.


There are lots of threads about copying MOHaa and the summary is that some plex drives can do it but most can’t. The Lite-On will do anything currently out there. It is protected with SafeDisk 2.51.021. Having said that I would have expected the game to install, but not run.

Glad to be of help.


Thanx, I’m working on trying to sell my Plextor so I can buy the Lite-On dvd-rom drive!


Sounds like a plan.

I would say that the Lite-On drives cannot cope with protected audio, so if that is important to you I’d think about a different DVD reader. Sadly I’ve not got a recommendation for you, as I’m not convinced what is best. I’m tending towards a Toshiba DVD, but not covinced yet.


ASUS CRW-4012A (hehe)


My Lite-On will be here Tuesday!!