Plextor 40max SCSI & wrong disc sizes..!

Hi there.

I’m having some trouble with my UltraPlex 40max CD-ROM drive.

When using Nero and newer the discs I insert is detected as "gigantic discs) Normally 1GB+ in size.

When I try to read the disc it starts and when it reaches the normal 80 mins/700MB mark it actually continues onwards until 100% (the new and wrong 100%) and then I get an error.

Has anyone in here experienced this ?

I have checked my cables and so on. Actually I got a replacement drive from Plextor (and many thanks to them for excellent service)
But still the same.

It’s a problem that suddently appered. Before I had no problems at all. Using Nero end newer. But now :confused:

Anyone ???


Allan Jensen, Denmark

This is a known bug in some Nero versions starting with See Nero detects wrong discsize!.

Either using v5.5.8.0 or the very latest versions should correct this error. :wink:

Thank You Inertia.

I guess I should have read more posts inhere before posting my own.

I installed the version of NEro and everything is fine now.

Regards from Denmark.

You’'re very welcome, Sasquatch.

Regards from Bigfoot country. :wink: