Plextor 4012TA does not like Hitachi DVD

I am talking about recording on the fly , i have the Hitachi GD8000 DVD , and the 4012TA , my problem is that i had alot hard times to find out the final speed that this drives can cooperate together for recordings on the fly ( Data) , and i end up to 16X .
Another issue about the right cooperation of burner and DVD as reader , was the driver of my motherboard , right now i have the Asus P4B266 , and in order to make the the recording stable with out any Burn Proof activation , i had to use the standar PCI controler driver of the windows 2000 .
As i have the Plextor as primary master and the DVD as secondary master .
My hard drives is on one Promise PCI ATA100 controler , my setup is ok now , but i am 99% happy .

In my tests i was using Plextools 2.2 ,and the simulation , and i was trying to find the right settings in order the Burn proof , to not be activated at all , this is called stable recording :slight_smile: .

The Plextools does not cache data like Nero does with software , so plextools needs total hardware health in the IDE channels in order to do the job right …

My setup :
P4 2.66
512 DDR
Asus P4B266 845D
Radeon 9600
Win2k Pro
Plextools 2.2
Nero XXX.XX.20

( The Hitachi DVD is not friendly as reader ,i do not know why , low seek times ?? )
Any ideas is welcome …
Or sugestions for one more friendly DVD drive as reader for my Plextor burner …