Plextor 4012a - reading at slow speed - help please

I have a plextor px - w4012ta and i am having a problem with the reading speed.

I am using clonce cd to backup my playstation1 games and i am using the playstation profile - which i downlaoded from this forum.

The profile sets the reading speed to max yet i am only getting a speed of 8X

can anyone explain why please - is there somethign wrong with my plextor drive?

thanks in advance for you help

I have latest firmware 1.03

The P4012A can not read subs with a speed higher than 8x. It is a limitation of the drive. Exctracting the subs is required for creating an image of PS games.

Just a confirmation: the Plextor drives are limited to 8X reading when extracting the SubChannel Data. The latest Plextor PX-W4824A and TU drives are not limited anymore and can read the SubChannel Data much faster. Nothing you can do about this… 8X reading isn’t that slow though and it’s recommended to use a slow read speed anyway for PlayStation discs.