Plextor 40 speed CDRW drive soon to come

I just posted the article Plextor 40 speed CDRW drive soon to come.

CDRinfo has the scoop about the latest member of the Plextor family, the PX-W4012TA. The drive will be able to read and write at 40 speed and rewrites at 12 speed.

Besides these great speeds…

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Plextor Rulez forever :9 :9 :slight_smile:

Let me know when they start making high speed SCSI drives. I don’t dig on IDE.

CenDyne is supposed to have a 40/12/48 CD-RW out before Plextor.

Yeah lets return to making scsi devices !!! Why increase the writing speed so much when it’s still uses an IDE interface wich slows your system down when writing

Plextor is pulling our leg. They say they have high speed drives but only IDE ones. 40x with IDE??? I am very disappointed and don’t think Plextor is the good company once were :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Why do I see the same complaints everytime Plextor releases a new drive? Plextor will not make SCSI drives anymore! Simple as that. New computer systems are fast enough to handle these kind of speeds through IDE. If you don’t want IDE than don’t buy one but stop complaining. Ps. No I don’t work for Plextor :wink:

I don’t agree Gam3fr3ak! 40X Writing with IDE will require quite some CPU time, so during the write 2 things can happen: 1. your system gets (a lot) slower -ofcourse depending on the specs of your system 2. there are less recources available for cd writing so a buffer underrun occurs (that’s never good, even with a burn-proof enabled drive)…

Plextor is SWEEEEET! Now I wish they would make a DVD burner with the same features as my 24x10x40!

Hurry up Lite-on! Cough up something that will match or maybe even better, like 40X P-CAV or 48X CAV :wink: Well lite-on planned to have 48X CAV recorders by the end of this year so…who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

I totaly agree with Dee-ehn: Scsi is needed for those high speed drives, not only for dropping the cpu use… Supose you have 1 hd on ide1 and 1 cdrom on ide2, then you put either the cdr on ide1 or ide2. but neither the choices are a good solution ! cause the idebus is overloaded in both cases. When you put it together with the hd and you do also read/write operations while burning. And when you put it together with the cdrom you’ll get problems when making copies from cdrom to cdr. So a scsi unit would be an answer to that problem, however you wont be able to do hd operatings while its writing at 40x I dont think a ide disc can handle this (esp. if your doing random reads/writes) the best result would be having all devices scsi (hd,cdrom,dvd,cdr) cause having buffer underuns is not good, it increases the burning time (so the 40x effect is getting lost) and it can screw up audio cds but I think releasing a scsi version would be a step in the good direction!

SCSI would be nice as a optional drive but IDE is not the slow link here. IDE can read 100MB/s and soon 133MB/s if not already. CDRW drives have not even come close to testing the bandwidth on a IDE based connection. SCSI is nice but IDE has no speed problems. In fact I dont think current hard drives have any problems with IDE bandwidth considering fastest IDE 7200 spin only reads at peak 33MB/s and thats only 1/3 of the bandwidth. They write even slower. 40X drive would write at 6MB/s and even the 48KB/s read speed is not coming any where close to exhausting the IDE. Aggreed SCSI needs to be supported but disagreed that IDE comes close to being the slow end or has problems handling and speed CD-RW, CD-Rom, DVD or any drives can toss at it. The only thing you can do to use over half the bandwidth of IDE is to setup a RAID system with 2 7200rpm drive per IDE.

OC-Freak… the CenDyne is using a Lite-On drive in their kit… and it should be P-CAV

All you guys can ever do is complain. Now Plextor is releasing the quickest burner around and you complain that it is not a scsi burner. Sure I would also like a scsi model, but I sure ain’t complaining about a 40x burner from one of the best companies around. Check out this link to the CloneClinic, where KennyC there you have proof that ide can indeed do the job:

Plextor used to be a company appreciated for its quality programs and not for its marketing. Now they are just marketing and nothing else. Sorry we spoil Plextor’s marketing efforts with our complaining for their loss of dedication to quality products.

That should read “quality products” and not “quality programs”, sorry for the typo…

The main question about this drive isn’t it’s speed, it’s got to the point where the increased speed is totally irrelivant. My 12x can burn a CD in 6 minutes. Anyone who is desperately needing to be able to burn CD’s faster than that is either mass producing them to sell which I dont agree with or else just seriously needs to sit back and take a chill pill. The main thing that will make this a good drive is it’s ability to copy protected games and for that matter, protected audio cd’s these days too. The extra 2 minutes you save (that’s IF it manages to achieve this maximum speed), oh yeah, on the Special media (more expensive) that it will requeire. Plextor stopped developing SCSI because I presume it was taking their R&D departments energy and they wanted to stay ahead of the game. This is the limit speed wise that they need to worry about - I mean be honest - who’s going to dump their 40x CDR to go buy a 60x one that’s gonna save them 1 minute or less? Honestly: NO ONE except spoilt little rich kids or stupid business men who need the latest gadget. Plex should put all the free time the R&D department have now that they’ve got the max speed they need into making a SCSI model that they can make, then just sell without having to worry about redeveloping. It’ll keep selling for ages to all the PRO’s that want SCSI. Plex after all is famous for making drive’s for the Pro’s.

T4Z: that IDE busses can handle up to 133mb/sec is quite nice, now we just have to wait for the devices that can do those speeds! And I think as well, Plexter should think of itself as a proffesional brand, so SCSI would be nice. Another thing from them I’d appreciate is a DVD-Rom… :wink:

A plextor DVD would be a dream!!!

Plextor is not only a professional brand, but one catering to consumers. They cannot survive by just selling SCSI drives to “professionals”. They need to get their drives out on retail shelves along with the drives from Yamaha, Lite-On and others. And unfortunately consumers are NOT going to buy SCSI. Its too expensive and the benefits no longer out weigh the extra costs. Stop crying… SCSI is dead. IDE is here to stay.