Plextor 40/12/40a

Hi i have a px-40\12\40a and i have opied many copies of games with safdisk the latest sd2.
Once i had copied these games such as medal of honor, renegade, red akert 2 and many more. I noticed that they only work in my cd-writer (plextor), so i could not copy them for any friends or other people, has anyone had any success where the sd2 copied games worki in any drive with clonecd!!!. Please help or send me the settings. Please post as much messages as possible to start a good link. Thanks!!!

(Plextor technician London)
Please React!!!


tell your friends to go buy the games.

i’ve done it with only fast error skip turned on

no ohter settings

Originally posted by mann_d99@hotmai
[B]…i have opied many copies of games with safdisk the latest sd2…

(Plextor technician London)
Please React!!![/B]
Here’s my reaction:[ul][]Do what Filter suggested, go buy the games[]your words are not the words of a Plextor Technician IMO[]This sort of talk is not allowed in the forum - read the rules, which you’ll find a link to in my signature[]there is a lot of guidance, ‘stuck’ to the top of this particular forum, pls struggle through it then post again about legitimate backups :)[/ul]