Plextor 40/12/40a & cdrwin4.0a & xp

I just installed my plextor 40/12/40a onto XP, it recognize it fine. Well I installed cdrwin 4.0a and it will not recognize my Plextor drive as the recorder. I have the latest aspi drivers from adaptec. I also installed Nero and it see’s my plextor fine. for those that ask, i have alot of movies and appz on bin/cue format and i fine cdrwin great to burn those. So if anyone has any help or suggestions, thanks in advance. elloco

nero can burn bin/cue in the latests version…

just exit the wizard…press cancel to exit the wizard

go to the menu’s

choose “file”

choose “burn image”

Funny, all this time, I didn’t even try to install CDR-Win on this computer with the Plextor, as Nero has suited my purpose…
But alas, I have found that this damn program will not see my drive… Image burning on Nero is unstable still…


had the same problem and solved it with installing CDRWin 3.8 latest version I believe it’s the g-version. This one recognises your plex just fine.

strange…i have no problems burning cue files under Nero…but i do not have a PLex…only a Lite-on, Teac and a Yamaha

Well, I listened to PIEROOMAAN and degraded on step and installed CDR-Win 3.8g, and all is well.

Thanks dude!

:cool: 808 Chillin

i have a plex24/10/40 and can burn bin/cue fine whith nero but i allways grab cdrwin for my bin/cue burning i guss i still have a soft spot for cdrwin old friend, still my friend, hop to be my friend in the future.i thingk cdrwin 3.8g is the laitest version 4.0a is a bata the only new feture at the moment is multy recorder support for 4.0a both versions work fine on my plex using the laitest relese date feb/19/02 3.8g or 4.0a.