Plextor 40/12/40 reckonised as 8/4/32

bought this 40/12/40/ from the US and (i live in australia)when i installed it ,it was reckonised as a 8/4/32 model,so i contacted plextor u.s.a. and they say if the front an d serial number on this drive say it is a 40/12/40 then it is and that was the last i heard from then,even though i sent them photos showing them what all burning programs and pc picked it up as ,anybody got any ideas:a

What does PXInfo say about your drive? How did you attach the drive? Can you use the drive at all (reading, burning)? Very strange problem…

All peripherals are identified by a query command which returns whatever the manufacturer put into the command string. If the drive says it is a 8/4/32, that’s what the firmware is reporting. If it is identified on boot as an 8/4/32, this is before the OS loads, so it is again what the recorder firmware is reporting.

The 40X recorder has a black tray. If your recorder does not, someone pulled a switch on you.

Good point bob11879. tigerman please report back how the drive is identified at start-up.

thanks fellers for your help,sorry i havnt replied quickly my isp got taken over,hard to get on for the black tray ,it doesnt have one,only white tray ,white face,so looks like someone has changed a few things on me. ill have to try again for another 1 .should i get a 40/12/40 or the new 48/24/48 or maybe scrap the idea of a plextor and get a liteon ,would appreciate your imput on this :confused:

Originally posted by tigerman
should i get a 40/12/40 or the new 48/24/48 or maybe scrap the idea of a plextor and get a liteon ,would appreciate your input on this :confused:

If you point me some good reasons i will scrap too my 5 days bright new CDRW …

hahahahahaaaaa :bigsmile:

The security locks is not the reason that i got the burner in a first place .
In the future i will get one Lite-On too , but it will not be my primary burner … :wink:
Plextor leads ,and all the others are follow …

Originally posted by tigerman
should i get a 40/12/40 or the new 48/24/48
Well that’s up to you really. Read the reviews and make up your mind on what’s important for you and what’s not:

-Plextor PX-W4012U (USB 2.0 drive but works the same as the internal model)
-Plextor PX-W4824A

LiteOn also has some advantages over Plextor like its ability to copy SafeDisc 2 perfectly while Plextor needs CloneCD’s AWS function. But on the other hand Plextor drives are known for their ability to read audio protections…

yes i hear u all,thats y i got the plextor in the first place.i found someone down here in tasmania who is going to send it back to plextor for me,and if they dont fix it ,i will get a 48/24/48 plextor because of its audio copying,but down here it costs 490 bucks to the lite-ons 100 bucks,so looks like i have to trust ebay again:)

Tasmania? I lived there till I moved to Sydney 10 years ago.

I bought a Plextor 40/12/40U about a month ago through Harris Technologies here; cost $505, and then about another $150 or so for the Adaptec USB2 card.
Although the order I put in was for a Plextor 2410 cause that’s what was advertised on Harris’s site. Seems they’re obsolete and Harris simply gave me the current version.

I have NO problems with the plex; although getting a copy of plextools took some doing.

I’ve never used a Liteon drive so I can’t really say much about their advantages or whatever.

I useda have a HP CD-writer+ M820E - cost $800 two years ago and wrote at a blistering 4X! Ahh how technology marches on. It died a while back; wouldn’t write reliably above 2X. I even replaced its SCSI card with a$480 Adaptec Ultra SCSI cardbus; helped a little, but it was the drive that was dying - and HP couldn’t help me, they’ve pretty much given up on CD writers.

Good luck with Plextor!