Plextor 4/2/20 and CloneCD?



Hello there,
I tryed to use CloneCD with my plextor 4/2/20 writer, but according to the help file, it seems that you need firmware 1.01 in order to use CloneCD with the plexwriter. Should I downgrade my firmware version (now 1.03) to 1.01.? does anyone have experience with this writer and cloneCD? Does it really work with firmware 1.01?

Thank you very much for your reply!!


i have the same writer and it does work with firmware version 1.01.

Firmware is available at
NOT at the belgian site.

you can upgrade/downgrade as often as you need to to write/read cd-text etc etc.


Thanks for the reply!!!
I downgraded the firmware and when I look at the writer info, it says that my writer is compatible with CloneCD now (wihooooeeeeeeeeee :-)).