Plextor 24x10x40x

I’m the proud owner of this beautiful device.
And YES it does backup safedisc 2 perfectly.

However, it is not yet compatible with clonecd’s fast error skip setting, which means it takes the drive hours and hours to mae an image.

Does anyone know if this problem is plextor’s or clonecd’s?
And whether people from either plextor or clonecd are working on this?

Well I think CloneCD has to be ‘optimzed’ for this Plextor drive. But I think there’s also a need for a FirmWare upgrade because it has some more problems (especially with LaserLock protected games). I hink they must be working on it but I cannot guarantee this of course.

Ok thanx, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I also have this drive and yes it is good,just use another drive for reading 12/10/32A is brill(got this as well).It is strange that all SD2 copiers can’t read as well my Acer and philips drives r the same.:wink:

problem lies in drive…
will be resolved by means of firmware update
will be released soon!

New firmware released get it from plextors web site V1.01
flashed mine and works fine now.

Yes, I got the firmware too, and it’s working great.
This really is THE perfect drive.
Plextor still rules!