Plextor 24x10x40



Is there anybody there have bin having trouble in clonecd, my writer starts and makes the power calibration, and then gives me and error. It’s work in Windows 98, but not in Windows 2K.

Hope to hear anything.




Install a Aspi Layer under Win 2k and i think your problems are solved.

Get the Aspi Layer from

Hope it works…:wink:


If you have a problem installing the ASPI layer from Adaptec as it needs a qualifying product, you might want to go to CDRsoft and download one of the ASPI layers that they have posted there under downloads.


I Had the same trouble, but my problem was that win2K was making a kind of mess because my drive was larger than 20GB and fat, not NTFS, so you might have the same problem.

Good luck:))