Plextor 24x - Things I have Discovered while using (Long)

Well, after much nashing of teeth and trying to get this thing to work with my favorite software I have come to a couple of conclusions. Either windows 2k sucks or this burner sucks. I have tried virtually every bin/cue burning solution I could find including Fireburner and CDRWin’s latest versions. I have also tried SEVERAL of the ASPI Layers and found them all to give me the same results. Here is what I have found…

System Specs…
ABIT TH7-Raid Motherboard
P4-1.5 GHZ (Not Overclocked)
GEForce 2 Pro DDR 64 meg
2 40 Gig Ibm Deskstars in a raid stripe array
2 60 GIg Ibm Deskstars in a raid stripe array
512 Meg of Rambus Ram
Kenwood 72x true speed cd rom
Plextor 24x/10x/40x burner
Windows 2000 with Service Pack and All critical updates applied

Software I’ve Tried to use to burn and that works…

EZ CD Creator (what came bundled with the plextor)
Nero Latest Version
CloneCD Latest Version

Software i’ve tried to use to burn and does NOT work…

Fireburner 2.11 - Gives me an ASPI Layer error that the Buffer is too Large
CDRWin (Several Versions) - Blue Screen Of Death , reboots the computer

So, for bin/cue burns I use Nero and it’s kind of cludgy, you have to go to the burn image icon, then since cue/bin is not listed in drop down you have to select files of all types and then select the cue sheet and then it will allow you to burn it, it’s still a bit slower than I would have liked (about 3:30 to burn a full 700 meg cd) but it’s better than my old scsi 8x.

For straight file system burns I use EZ CD Creator that came with the plextor. It seems to work fine. I have not tried using any R/W cd’s yet so I will report on that when I get time.

For the record, I got ABSOLUTELY NO HELP from Plextor, the Guys who make Fireburner or the guys who make CDRWin, all of them pointed the finger at the other guy so I had to just use a process of elimination to figure this stuff out. Plextor states on their web site that all of the above software is compatible with their burner but when you talk to them about it they say it’s the responsibility of the software developers to make it work with their hardware.

I guess this is what I get for stepping up the leading edge of technology, next time i’ll do more homework before purchasing on name alone.


Strange with me it’s the same with cdr-win 40a.
BSOD but for the other software easy cd creator doesn’t work, NERO does.

But still, plex burns OK.