Plextor 24x & safedisk 2.51 &2.60



I have made a lot of coaster since this protecction appears (renegade,mohaa...) I have tried several methods (betabloker for example) and the last firmware from plextor without good results.

There are people that explain that could copy that. It is really possible? if so what settings have to be used?



Try using CloneCD 4’s AWS.

If even that doesn’t work, try using Betablocker 1.01, and burning in SAO mode.

A user has reported he got better SD2 results in SAO mode, although no-one can explain why.


Raw sao or just sao, amplifying weak sectors or not?



Read using Fast Error Skip
Write in RAW-DAO without AWS


No luck to run in certain drives such toshibas…