Plextor 24x IDE and Fireburner

Hi gang, thought i’d post this to the newbie forum first in case i’m doing something stupid. I just purchased a Plextor 24/10/40 IDE Burner and am trying to use it with Fireburner but it will not recognize, this is under windows 2000, a new install. I’ve installed the 2000 service pack and attempted to install the atapi drivers from the fireburner site but it doesnt’ seem to do anything. What am I missing here? Or should I just try and use another software such as cdrwin. Anyway, I have NOT upgraded the firmware of the drive yet so I assume it is at 1.0.

Thanks for any help


hi schoon

You are not telling what Ver. of Fireburner u are using
But anyway i will try to help you that way
the last Ver. Of Fireburner is 2.10 and there are suport for your Burner.
you can try to dovnload some aspi drivers there name are

I am using version 2.11 of fireburner. And I installed aspi drivers from the fireburner site. Here is the message that I receive when i try to burn…one thing too, the burner works fine with Ez CD creator that came with the drive…thanks in advance…this takes about 10 seconds to happen and then the cd just ejects.

Recording device: PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W2410A

Recording method: Session-at-once

Recording Speed: Max

BURN Proof: Enabled

Thread1: Executing (Cache enabled)

Thread1: Setting Write Parameters

Thread1: Write parameters set

Thread1: Reading Disc Info

Thread1: Reading Next Track Info

Thread1: Start LBA is -150

Thread1: Sending Cue Sheet

Thread1: Processing Track 1 Pregap [150 Sectors]

Thread1: Processing Track 1 [Mode1] [294128 Sectors]

Thread2: Executing

Thread2: Write Error @ Sector -150

Thread2: ASPI Status: SS_BUFFER_TO_BIG

Host Adapter Status: HASTAT_OK

Target Status: STATUS_GOOD

Thread2: Synchronizing Cache

Recording complete

u can try 2 thing
have u try cdrwin this one can do the same some fireburner
or u can use the lastest ver Of Nero
maby are there missing some suport for you burner
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I had the same problem, the drive isn’t recognized in some burn apps.

I’m using the newest version of nero now and that just works fine.

So just download nero on and get the number of it.

Then your problem is solved.