Plextor 24x European and Lite-On 32x firmware updates

I just posted the article Plextor 24x European and Lite-On 32x firmware updates….

There are two new firmware versions out for two popular drives. First, thanks to GmY and rody66, the European version of the 1.04 firmware for the Plextor PX-W2410A:


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Shame these manufactures cannot release a good product first time around, instead of the need to release lots of firmware updates on a regular basis in such a small space of time. It obviously highlights the possible fact that that they are releasing bugged firmware, and then let the shipment go out regardless. "We will fix it later" All manufactures of CDWriters should know and abide by the CD Standards laid down, plain and simple. Look how long Plextor have been around, and look how many updates for the 24x have been released in a matter of weeks? Greetz from The Happy Diplomat :8

Interceptor: Sorry, but for the first time I need to say that is a really dumb comment from you. Support for newer CD-R media (Tayo Yuden 40X, Verbatim 40X) Support for latest Orange Book Part2 Vol2 V1.1 specification While the Lite-On tells us nothing but indicates support for new media types. Yes some of the updates are fixes that in a perfect world should have been done right the first time, however the rest of these are updates that couldn’t have been “done right the first time”.

So you’re telling us that dyes change every month?? I find that hard to beleive. The fixes obviously change the writing parameters to suit each dye that don’t work. But hey, there should have been a time where a collection of parameters that should have worked for most dyes. Latest orange book vol2? I don’t see those drives having this feature.

Geezus, what the fuck are you people complaining about?! They’re nice enough to release these updated firmwares to fix bugs and add support, no one says they have to it. Maybe they should be like Creative and never release any updates. :frowning:

I think it is wonderful that they are supporting their products like that. They want to make it as good as possible and continue to tweak. If you do not like it get an Iomega drive!

It’s great to see firmware updates that fix the very little things that fail. It’s really impossible to garuntee compatibility across the wide spectrum of media before the POS. And they’re not charging for the upgrade unlike HP with their DVD-RW

If you have the Creative 12/12/32 IDE drive there is a mod on the net which will turn it into a Plextor drive, if you don’t believe me then ask around ok. I have performed this for a mate, and it works, it even lets you use the Plextor Firmware updates :wink: Greetz from The Diplomat :8