Plextor 24X DVD Writer Having Trouble with complete recording

I having been have trouble with my Plextor Drive not completing a copy of a ISO File. I have run through the test of the drive but everything checks out okay.

Any ideas:confused:?

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What kind of media are you using like what brand and such as that might help
us help you out as you didn’t really give us much info to go on. :confused:

Well, I have used Sony, Staples, Memorex,(bad), Imation, and HP brands. Most of my success has been with Sony. But now I am not getting hardly a good copy from ISO files or straight copies from a disk.

Thanks for your reply.

Mike H.

What burn speed and burning software?

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I started out with maximum speed, then I was instructed to use 4X. Didn’t help the situation. Still had problems.

Let me tell you what I am doing. I video the Sunday Morning Service at our church. Then I use Photodex ProShow Gold to put together a movie for the pastor, choir director and the Care and Concern Committee to go around to our people that cannot make it to church that day. Everything was going great until about 4 weeks ago, when the drive started screwing up and not make clean copies. The DVD was stopping in the middle of the movie, when the patrons viewed it.
Driving me nuts these past weeks. I have not been able to produce a workable DVD.

Thanks for your help.

Mike Hallock

Do the original video files play OK on your PC/camcorder, before they’re turned into ISO files?

If so, then try Sony discs again at 16x.

What are you using to make the orignal file(s) into ISO? I would suggest downloading the free ImgBurn and burning the ISO with that.

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Are you testing the dvd movie before burning? Save a copy to the hard drive rather than burning straight from your editing program. Play various sections or chapters of the video.

If you need software to play dvd-video, use a free player like VLC.

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If so, then try Sony discs again at 16x. [/QUOTE]

Thought I’d better come and correct my mistake here - for some reason, I thought we were talking about CDRs, hence the 16x suggestion.

I messed up (oops)…since we’re talking about DVDs, the 16x should have read 8x. Sorry about that! :o